Robert "Bob" Lancia has dedicated his life to public service from being an active duty Navy Chaplain (LCDR) to being a two-term elected State Representative in Rhode Island.

Bob now wants to continue his good public service by representing Rhode Islanders in Washington, DC.

Some of the issues on behalf of all Rhode Islanders are:

Our American Education system - Ensuring sure every child has "educational opportunity"

Our military - Fully support our men and women in all branches of the armed services ensuring they have the best training, equipment, and care (both physical and mental) that we Americans have to offer for those who defend our freedoms daily

Medical - bring down the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs

The Federal Budget - Eliminate the annual deficit which is over 1 trillion dollars annually, and pay down the National Debt, which now stands at over $28 Trillion Dollars, or more then $86,000 owed by every American citizen

911 Taxes and services - Continuing to fight for an end to the diversion of 911 funds nationally

Infrastructure - work to pass an infrastructure plan that is fully paid for

Retirement - end the taxing of Veterans pensions and Social Security