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Robert "Bob" Lancia

Republican candidate for

Rhode Island's

2nd Congressional District

Rhode Island's 2nd Congressional District is located in the western and southern portions of the state and includes all of Kent and Washington counties and a portion of Providence County.

I was asked a while back, “What’s the biggest problem with government?” My answer, “selfishness vs. selflessness”. Public service has become more about service of self. At the age of 40, I volunteered to go on active duty as a Navy chaplain. During my time serving with the Navy, Coast Guard, and then Marines, I was repeatedly reminded that service to others, and self-sacrifice, are the greatest achievements a person can accomplish. And, being a person of faith, I learned that being a servant leader is the most important thing of all! Let’s be honest we are at a crossroads in this nation. Will we allow a vast national authority, which is out of touch with the people, and out of the average person’s control, become even more so?

​I spent two terms in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, fighting for the average individual over the behemoth that is State government. My emphasis was always financial, financial, financial. During my time in the House I worked in a bipartisan manner successfully getting beach fees lowered, a sex offender bill passed, and 911 fees put in a restricted receipt account. I also fought to make government transparent and accountable by introducing legislation that would have created the Office of Inspector General to root out waste, fraud, and abuse, zero-based budgeting, line item veto, and voter initiative. Even after leaving office my wife Maryann and I remain active in the community, be it supporting a number of local organizations both financially as well as physically; things like filling backpacks for the annual Back to School celebration, participating in events that support school opportunity for all students, and hosting a yearly holiday event with Gotta Have Sole that collects shoes and socks for the homeless.

We have too many career politicians in Washington. They have forgotten our veterans, don’t seem to care about the annual trillion dollar deficits or the mind-blowing national debt soon to be 23 trillion dollars, or even the ever growing intrusiveness of the federal government in every aspect of our lives. My friends, it’s time we elect someone who has the courage to push back and stand up for the average citizen. And that someone, is me.

​-- Robert B. Lancia, Republican candidate for Rhode Island's 2nd Congressional District